Saturday, February 28, 2009

Streamyx setting using Linksys WAG200G

Hello all,

I have a problem of remembering the basic setting of Streamyx on Linksys WAG200G. Since I moved to a new house and the Linksys manual is nowhere to find, it iniatiated me to document these basic settings for my future usage and all readers who are having the same problem like me.
Afterall, these settings worked well for me. Good luck!

1. Connect to your wireless modem; preferrably using UTP cable. Normally you will connect to (depends on how you set, the standard should use this). If this is a new setup or you have reset the modem the use username should be admin and password should be admin too. Please login.

2. In Setup > Basic Setup always choose
Encapsulation : RFC 2516 PPPOe
Multiplexing : VC
Virtual circuit : 0 VPI and 35 VCI
And don't forget
- to put @streamyx after your username eg. johndoe@streamyx
- to put a correct password
- to Click Save Setting

3. In Wireless > Basic Wireless Setting choose
Wireless Network Mode : Mixed
Wireless Network Name (SSID) : Name whatever name you want. This name will be appeared as the wireless name in Wireless connection selection

4. In Wireless > Wireless Security choose
Security Mode : WPA2-Mixed
Passphrase : Set your passphrase, recommended for security. This passphrase will be using as key to connect to your wireless modem.

5. In Administration > Management
Set your username in Gateway Username
Set your password in Gateway password and reenter for confirmation
Tip : apply mixed alphabetical and numeric for exta security

6. Perform soft or hard reset.
In Administration > Reboot
You can choose Reboot mode of Hard or Soft reboot. Hard reboot will take longer compare to soft. Try soft reboot first, if still not working go for hard reboot.

7. This is optional but I highly encourage you to backup the setting that you have done.
Administration > Backup&Restore
By click at Backup it will save as routercfg.cfg. Save this file at a secure place. It is very useful during restoration process where you will just need to restore the routercf.cfg and it will save your time for reconfiguration.
Choose file to restore (routercfg.cfg) and click restore.(Perform reboot after restore refer Step 6)

You are done. Congratulation :)


  1. How do I do a soft or hard reset?

  2. I have added step to perform soft or hard reboot. Thanks.

  3. Does it works with WRT150N Wireless Linksys Router?

  4. I just have this type of model and I'm not sure it works on WRT150N. But basically the concept is the same.

  5. hi..i have follow your i still cannot to internet...when i go to status..the dns is empty and network and sharing centre shows that i am not connected to internet..any solutions to help me?reply to my email at

  6. Thank you boss, you are my savior ... :)